Ear Entropy

Type: Album Design
Client: Men Records
Year: 2022

Album Design for gogoj’s solo album <Ear Entropy>.

Ear Entropy is the second solo album of Sheng Jie a.k.a gogoj. Based on her regular instrument, the electric cello, this album emphasizes more on the exploration of the "texture" of the sound.

There are abstract, extreme vibrations challenging the limits of the ear, as well as concrete and emotional melodies, a divided dichotomy between the two, just like the eternal topic of "sense" and "nonsense".

Album Produced by Sheng Jie a.k.a gogoj
Electric cello / Composed / Recoded by Sheng Jie a.k.a gogoj
EE1, EE2, EE5, Mixed & Mastered by Thomas Stadnicki (Brussels)
EE3, EE4, EE6, EE7, Mixed by Sheng Jie a.k.a gogoj, Mastered by Wei Guo (Beijing)